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Opposite Orange Building, Akwa, Douala.

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Donate For Orphanage Charity

 SAFE LIFE AND ENVIRONMENT FOUNDATION is a Cameroon- based NGO located at Akwa, Douala Cameroon. We focus mainly on four aspects that we deemed are very important in the Cameroon communities and the world at large which are
1- Providing Shelter for the Homeless People
2- Feeding and Clothing of Orphans
3- Education for those who can not afford
4- Environmental Protection
We have been operational for about 15 years today and our projects have impacted the people and communities of Cameroon positively and with your support we are going to do more and more projects because many has to go to school, many homeless people needs and our environments needs protection.
Find Some Keywords below and their explanation to better help you understand that you are a savior will you donate.

1.     Fundraising:

Fundraising is the process of seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies at events so that they can understand the cause and can help the cause according to their financial situation and the need of the cause. Although fundraising typically refers to efforts to gather money for non-profit organizations, it is sometimes used to refer to the identification and solicitation of investors or other sources of capital for for-profit enterprises. Fundraising, mostly consists of people asking for donations through face to face fundraising such as door knocking. However, nowadays fundraising events are also done in which people are invited to understand the cause and raise the funds needed.

2.     Donation:

Donations are described as the money given to the one in need or the money or charity given for a good cause. A donation is a gift for charityhumanitarian aid, or to benefit a cause. Donations take various forms which include money, alms, services, or even goods. While medical needs can also be satisfied using donations such as blood or organs for transplant. Donations are given without return consideration. This lack of return consideration means that, in common law, an agreement to make a donation is an “imperfect contract void for want of consideration. Only when the donation is actually made does it acquire a legal status as a transfer or property.

Non-Profit Organization/ NGO:

A Non-profit organization is also known as a non-business entity,[1] not-for-profit organization, or nonprofit institution. The main purpose of a ngo is for the collective public and social benefit in society. A NGO does not operate to generate profit, in turn, it operates to benefit the community by providing different services free of cost or striving to solve different problems in the society. Any revenues the exceed the expenses of the ngo are committed to the service of the community and hence an ngo only exists for a good cause.  A wide array of organizations is nonprofit, including most political organizations, schools, business associations, churches, social clubs, and consumer cooperatives. Nonprofit entities generally seek approval from governments to be tax-exempt, and some may also qualify to receive tax-deductible contributions, but an entity may incorporate as a nonprofit entity without securing tax-exempt status.

Non-profit organizations are the one which usually do fundraisers to generate donations for their causes. The causes may include helping the poor, setting up of sanitary plants or even cleaning and tree plantation drives across the society. The key aspects of nonprofits are accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, and openness to every person who has invested time, money, and faith into the organization. Nonprofit organizations are accountable to the donors, founders, volunteers, program recipients, and the public community. For a nonprofit that seeks to finance its operations through donations, public confidence is a factor in the amount of money that a nonprofit organization is able to raise. The more nonprofits focus on their mission; the more public confidence they will have. This will result in more money for the organization



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