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SLAE Foundation Community Education and The Health Program in Cameroon

This long-term program at SLAE FOUNDATION focused on community-building activities to market access to basic health and academic services for marginalized children, women, and indigenous people across the South West, North West Far North, and all the other Regions of Cameroon for a very long time now up to 7 years. In this program, we focus mainly on the below activities

-Creating and providing an environment for hygiene and sanitation services to the community village schools, Health Centers,  and Markets.

-The building of local infrastructures for community health units and schools

-Training of Traditional Birth Attendants and provide of delivery kits to poor pregnant women

-Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV

-Feeding programs for community grade school children

-Provision of food, dresses, tuition, and scholarships to orphans, the homeless, and vulnerable children

-Health On-Call project.

 Community Education is a powerful way to react to the conflict of developing education at national, international and the local levels of society or community. Community education also known as ‘community learning and development’ or community-based education. Some examples of community education include community health program, economic development, community action group, recreation programs etc and SLAE FOUNDATION is participation in all of this aspect of Community Education. The purpose of SAFE LIFE AND ENVIRONMENT FOUNDATION is to develop the capability of people and teams of all ages through their actions, the capacity of communities, to boost their quality of life and we can only achieve this gold together by your support and donation. Center to the current is the ability to participate in democratic processes in Community education normally encompasses all those occupations and approaches that are involved with running education and development programmed at intervals native communities, instead of within instructional establishments similar to schools, schools and universities. The latter is thought because the formal education system, whereas community education is usually referred to as informal education. it’s long been essential of aspects of the formal education system for failing giant sections of the population all told countries and had a selected concern for taking learning and development opportunities bent on poorer areas, though it needs to be provided broadly.

There may be a myriad of job titles and employers embrace public authorities and voluntary or non-governmental organizations, funded by the state and by freelance grant-making bodies. Schools, schools and universities may additionally support community learning and development through reaching work to the communities in concern. The community school’s movement has been a powerful  instrument since the sixties. Some universities and colleges have run outreach course of study programmed within local communities for decades. Since the seventies, the prefix word ‘community has additionally been adopted by many different occupations from youth workers and medical examiners to planners and architects, who work with a lot of underprivileged teams and communities and are influenced by community education and community development approaches.

SAFE LIFE AND ENVIRONMENT FOUNDATION have over a few years developed a spread of skills and approaches for operating at intervals native communities and specially communities which do not have good schools and are very very far from the Cities or Towns. Thus embrace less formal instructional methods, community organizing and cluster work skills. Since the 19 sixties and seventies through the varied anti-poverty programmers in each developed and developing countries, practitioners are influenced by structural analyses on the causes of disadvantage and financial condition i.e., inequalities within the distribution of wealth, income, land etcetera and particularly political power got to mobilize folks’ power to result social change.


SAFE LIFE AND ENVIRONMENT FOUNDATION’ has components of community education like community involvement in school, Effective use of Resources, and Lifelong Learning. We follow all the 10 principles of community education like Lifelong Learning, Inclusiveness, Self-determination, Integrated Delivery of Services, Self-help, Leadership Development, Institutional Responsiveness, Localization, Access to Public Information, Maximum use of Resources. All components of community education briefly described below:

Lifelong Learning: Education is a process from birth to death and everyone in the community is responsible for educating all members of the organization. Study opportunities should be offered regularly to residents of all ages in different areas.

Self-Determination: People in this area have the right and responsibility to contribute to the needs of the community and identify the resources that can be used to meet those needs.

Self-help: People are highly served by their leaders when they recognize and develop their ability to help themselves. When people take responsibility for their own well-being, they are independent.

Leadership development: For community improvement efforts, training local leaders for problem-solving, decision-making and group process skills is vitally important.

Institutional responsiveness: Since public agencies are there to represent the public, they must build policies and facilities that continually meet evolving public desires and interests.

Integrated delivery of services: Publicly-owned companies and entities can better use their available capital, achieve their own objectives and represent the public by working alongside organizations and agencies of common interests and purposes.

Localization: The biggest opportunity for high levels of civic engagement is provided through neighborhood facilities, activities and volunteer experiences near citizens homes.

Maximum use of resources: If the varied needs and desires of the society are to be fulfilled, the physical, financial and human capital of each community should be completely accessible and rationally linked.

Inclusiveness: The biggest possible transversal of community people, without distinction between age, wealth, sex, color, ethnicity, religion and any other element, should include community programs, events and services.

Access to public information: Public knowledge should be exchanged between agencies and organizations so a successful society has “the truth” and therefore understands what these facts represent in the life of the various members of the community.

 We have also community program  such as Develop a system that facilitates home-school-community communication, Encourage increased use of community resources and volunteers to augment the basic educational program, Provide a responsive, community-based system for collective action by all educational and community agencies to address community issues, Develop educational partnerships between schools and public and private service providers, business and industry, and civic and social service organizations, Provide a responsive, community-based system for collective action by all educational and community agencies to address community issues, Use public education facilities as community service centers for meeting the educational, social, health, cultural, and recreational needs of all ages and sectors of the community, Establish a process for involving the community in educational planning and decision making and Develop an environment that fosters lifelong learning.

Health Program and Community Education

This ‘SLAE FOUNDATION’ Long-Term program Initiative focuses on community-driven programs to encourage the access of disadvantaged youth, women and indigenous communities in south west and coast of Cameroon to basic health and education for the past six years. The software executes the following projects

·       Sanitary facilities for healthcare centers and colleges in the city

·       Construction of urban health units and education buildings

·       Training and delivery of vulnerable pregnant women Training for traditional birth attendants

·       Prevention of mother to child HIV feeding services for primary school children’s children in the neighborhood

·       Giving orphans and needy children books and scholarships

·       Plan Health on Call

School children spend approximately one third of their time either in school or in school assignments, during which time they can be subject to a number of physical, social and psychological harms. Schools offer an excellent platform for children to spot improper grooming practices.

In recent years, the water supply and hygiene problems of schools have been a public health issue. The Ministry of Health’s 2007 study on school hygiene in Ethiopia stated that most of the primary schools surveyed had no access to drinking water or sufficient sanitation facilities for hand-washing and excreta disposal. School dropouts are observed among female students due to lack of latrine. The provision of safe life and environment foundation(SLAE FOUNDATION) ensures the rights of students to acceptable latrines, hygiene practices, safe water supply, and a healthy school environment in general.

Educational and Community Impact

Educators in some societies play an important role in finding solutions to society’s problems, because many social problems ultimately affect society’s ability to educate all children. From a problem-solving perspective, community schools are networks of institutions and institutions committed to meeting the needs of multiple communities. Using a school as a community center is an expensive and cost-effective way to use a school building, which is one of the biggest investments in a community. Community schools work together with partners to meet public needs, including educational needs. Useful and well-designed and well-designed community education programs for schools and communities are the strong family of the U.S. Department of Education, Strong Schools (1994), and the security and strategy of the U.S. Department of Education and Justice. (1998) Other studies include improving the learning environment, reducing violence and vandalism, reducing energy consumption, increasing family participation, and expanding educational opportunities in the community. There it is. Community education uses local resources and opportunities to meet the specific needs and interests of different communities. Just as two countries do not have the same structure, so does a society that has not had the same structure over the years. As societies mature, their institutions, populations, assets, and problems change, and public education programs reflect the needs of today’s communities and the resources available to meet those needs … They are designed to be, in fact, hundreds of programming models. our safe life an environment foundation offers case studies and case studies of community education programs in three sets: school, district, or staff. This a huge opportunity to grape the collaboration offers with ‘SLAE FOUNDATION‘. To the extent that homeless people are unable to acquire needed health care services, they have relied on emergency rooms, clinics, hospitals, and completely different facilities that serve the poor. impoverished folks (with or whereas not a home) experience many obstacles in obtaining health care. For homeless people, there are further barriers. Recognition of the special health care desires of homeless people has galvanized the event of special services for them. In observant and describing these health care and healthcare-related services, one ought to bear in mind of the heterogeneous nature of the homeless population, furthermore owing to the structure of the communities in which such services have developed. notwithstanding variations among homeless individuals or regional variations in services, however, homeless people are a lot prone to sure diseases, have a larger problem obtaining health care, and are tougher to treat than different people, all as a result of they lack a home.’ SLAEFOUNDATION’ is always with them and with them in the future as well.

You through us help kids go to School, Orphans have food to eat and dress to wear, all these kind gestures will only be repaid by long life and prosperity in you business by God. Thanks for helping today.



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